Secrets Behind Innovation of AirBnB, Gillette, Netflix and Amazon

  Service Innovation is about how we deliver the service differently. It's about incremental innovation which is not necessarily making a major change but taking the existing product or service and making some improvements to it or adding initial service to that...

Why Companies Are Slow to Innovate

  Innovation is very complex it's not easy and the bigger the company the more difficult it is to innovate. If you look at the literature majority of innovations happen in small companies and large companies eventually acquire some of those innovations but they don't...

How to Bring Innovation into Healthcare

  For the last 12 years Julia Novik, Innovation Coach and Founder of Canada Health Net, spent in health care and a lot of the things she spent her time on was business development: how do we develop a new business model, whether it's in a pharmaceutical company or...

Innovation through Lean Principles

  Lean helps a lot in recognizing where organizations have been wasting the value of the employees and to be more efficient in the whole process.   “Before we had the Lean operation we've had 25+ cardiologists in the center and in the practice this big that sees...

How to Create Efficiency in the Booking System with Lean

  Lean helps to create efficiency in the booking system and not waste time for gaps between patients. Santiago Luna, Lead Sonographer in PACE Cardiology Clinic explained how Lean helped them to improve processes and allowed doctors to spend more quality time with...

Lean Coach: Eliminating Waste in Healthcare through Lean

  Lean eliminates waste that costs money and evokes patient's dissatisfaction. Lean is about removing waste to improve the quality of patient care and increase the number of patients we serve, all while reducing costs and the time patients wait.  “We have applied Lean...

Pace Cardiology Showcase: Edith Dell, Operations Manager

  Pace Cardiology brought Lean in because they wanted to identify some of the inefficiency. They do a lot of work with patients and they wanted to make sure that patients satisfaction was high and to reduce wait times. So they did a process walk from start to finish,...

Process Improvements in Healthcare: Using Lean Methodology

  As a Project Coordinator at Canada Health Net, I together with my team focus on bringing lean methodology into healthcare organizations and working together with the staff on process improvements to make the work processes leaner. Canada Health Net is a group of...

Thought Leaders on Innovating in Healthcare

  How to put Canadian health-care innovation into practice A very interesting read, by Clare Liddy and Erin Keely. Two doctors, finding an innovating solution to improve patient wait times. Claire (a Family Doctor) and Erin (Endocrinologist), came a...

Canadian Healthcare System: My Experience as a Child

  As a child being born in a family where my grandmother was a doctor, one would never have to think about seeking medical advice, get treatment or receive proper medication. Why? It was available to you at any given moment. You did not have to wait for hours on...

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