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Our services are in demand for several healthcare practices and hospitals who need a helping hand in bettering the quality of care and reducing waste. Our services are used so that the highest level of efficiency is achieved in quality improvement in healthcare and administration which in turn translates to higher revenues. When our services our used in the healthcare sector, they help eradicate every variation and defect in existing processes and help to standardize processes. This streamlining of procedures help in making them inexpensive and efficient.

Effective Trainings

What can it do to your Business:
• Increased Efficiency
• Manpower Optimization
• Problem Elimination
• Smoother Flow


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Financial Options for Organizations

We can offer a special discount for organizations which helps to reach any company with the smallest training budget.

Patient Flow Review
Patient Flow Review
  • Track patients flow through the clinic/hospital;
  • Measure each process to identify inefficiencies.
Leading Mini Process Improvement Events
Leading Mini Process Improvement Events
  • Root cause analysis with the team until a problem has been eliminated.
Management Skills Coaching
Management Skills Coaching
  • Project Management and ongoing coaching to improve operational performance;
  • Managing teams (Conflict resolution);
  • Patient Experience Training;
  • On-Boarding and new hire training.
Evaluation of Productivity & Profitability
Evaluation of Productivity & Profitability
  • Walk the process step by step finding and eliminating waste in the process;
  • Evaluate data to identify capacity improvements and optimization of current practices.
Voice of a Customer
Voice of a Customer
  • Survey Patients, Physicians, Employees: Stakeholder Feedback.
IT Solutions
IT Solutions
  • Consultation and recommendation of IT solutions for process improvements;
  • We partner and work with many innovative IT solution providers.

What sets us apart from others?

Our secret weapon that helps you achieve optimum levels in any area of your healthcare venture is Lean Six Sigma. Lena Six Sigma will help you to reduce costs, increase revenue and facilitate collaborations.  In short, the possibilities of perfection within a healthcare organization and quality improvement in healthcare using lean six sigma are endless.

The present day economic situation in the world has prompted healthcare organizations across the world to look closely at their management processes and see them for what they really are: inefficient and wasteful. This in turn usually leads to panic and quick fixes based on assumptions, instead of facts and data, which lead to greater problems later on.

Lean Six Sigma addresses a vast range of problems from minute things such as reducing errors on patient records,   delivery and prescriptions to areas commonly not paid enough attention to such as culture and leadership. Lean Six Sigma steps in here and helps avoid potential roadblocks in the future by creating an action plan based on facts and data. All of our services are based on these principles and thus you will find all of our services incorporating six sigma principles.

At the end of the day in healthcare, while it is great to focus on culture and organizations, the most crucial and common goal is to provide great service to patients and their families. This is what makes quality improvement in healthcare a reality.

Our data-driven services will help you to:

Define who the patients are and what their requirements are. They will also help to define the capabilities of the process that is being measured.

Measure the improvements that the healthcare practice undergoes. We will help you measure and understand metrics such as service cost, service level, patient satisfaction and clinical excellence.

Analyze and make sure that the data is accurate and proper because we teach you to use the best six sigma tools that exist.

Improve the entire patient care system by helping you identify the modifications and changes that need to be implemented

Control the performances in the healthcare industry and monitor them to understand the improvement and scope for growth in all aspects of patient care.

Due to the hands-on nature of the healthcare industry, variance is lot higher in the industry and quantification is also not possible unless there is a data-driven approach to gauge the improvements with the help of analytics and business experts.

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