Acute Care

Improve Patients Flow

Acute Care

Healthcare system has been around for 60 years. It has been designed around acute patients. If someone had an accident or an acute issue, they would be serviced through the hospital. Unfortunately, people with minor injuries, instead of seeing a physician, have to sometimes go through an emergency to be seen first.

We at Canada Health Net, help you embrace Lean way of thinking. Whether it is an emergency department, clinics, our experience and knowledge will help you to make the process leaner and more efficient.

Our Trainings Provide

Improve patients flow

Reduced appointments cancellations

Lower wait times
Looking for Innovations

Public Health

Canada Health Net is always looking for new ways to drive efficiencies. We work with a lot of health organizations in order to provide the tools they need to deliver improvements in:

  • Infection control
  • Dental programs

Our Lean Experts work with frontline staff and managers and always give great advice on how best to operate your organizations and consult your staff how to do their jobs more efficiently. Working together and sharing ideas and knowledge can bring a lot of innovative change.

Public Health
Managing Workload


Canada Health Net is working with pharmacists and technicians within hospitals and medical organizations on managing workload and improving workflow.
Reducing inventory levels
Reducing product waste
Improving pharmacy workflow
Improving operations


Lean methodology has been a part of a manufacturing sector for many years. Canada Health Net will help you in implementing this innovative technology to improve Lab operations.
We make sure that:
  • Patients anxiety time is reduced and also tests that are performed are smartly managed.
  • Staff involvement is increased.
  • Technical skills and productivity are improved.
  • Equipment utilization and supply utilization are optimized.
Eliminating Waste


Lean is a customer-centric methodology used to continuously improve any process through the elimination of waste in everything you do; it is based on the ideas of “Continuous Incremental Improvement” and “Respect for People”. Watch what results PACE Cardiology Clinic achieved after we helped them to implement Lean.
Wait time for patients has been reduced significantly from 2 hours to 40 minutes
Booking system changed, now patients are spread out evenly and same amount of patients are seen at the end of the day
Patients do not have to cancel their appointments now, because all the investigations are done on time
Receiving Proper Care

Senior Care

Canada Health Net is making sure that organizational processes are in place and seniors receive proper care in a timely manner.

On September 20, 2018 Canada Health Net participated at the XI Wiki Meeting between Canada and Brazil. One of the main topics of this conference was to discuss the benefits of investments in Digital Health.

The benefits of investments in Digital Health – Mr. Bobby Gheorghiu, Manager, Trending and Performance, Performance Analytics, Canada Health InfowayOverview in Early Clinical Development in Innovative Medicines Dr. Bertrand J. Jean-Claude,  Director at the Research Institute of the MUHC – McGill University Health Centre.

You can watch the speech below:


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