Healthcare is a major industry creating scope for employment for a substantial chunk of the population in both genders. It might be noteworthy to mention at this point of time that of majority of healthcare professionals, a very thin slice of the pie is dominated by certified medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons and medical experts. The larger part of the pie consists of specialized and unskilled manual labor which account for nursing and related job roles as caregivers and personal attendants to patients or the recovering. To ensure that these health care professionals can sustain a long standing career in the health care profession we strive to equip them with certified skill sets that make them indispensable to the system.  The intended course for such healthcare professionals being discussed here is the Lean White Belt certification & training course. The objectives of the course is in promulgating lean concepts supported by live case studies in the Healthcare field with special attention and focus on improving quality and standard of patient care through systematic and logical approach to work. Some of the concerned aspects of nursing and care giving, areas specifically involving direct patient care interaction, include reduced wait times, compact registration procedures, coordination of secondary areas of service in the same field and accurate and precise distribution of medical supplies.

Lean White Belt Training

Very specifically discussing, the following are the entails of the course for the Lean White Belt Certification and they include systematic imbibing and learning with implementable instances the importance of the Three P’s of Lean –People, Purpose and Process and Culture. This phase of training involves imparting the greater significance of this very critical job role and what impact it creates for the people admitted in health care facilities for treatment and cure. Understanding their purposes through their job roles for the greater good of the people they serve and goes a long way in instilling such values as a part of the prevalent culture in any healthcare facility. The next phase of training involves learning through games and is known as Lean Games. It involved 4 different games formulated specifically to address to each sector, Service, Healthcare & Manufacturing, Public Service. The objective of these interactive game sessions is to promote the importance of sensitive qualities such as love care & attention which are the integral cornerstones for the success of the healthcare industry. It is through the course of these games that the participants learn the basics of Lean, the elaborate training course aimed for creating skilled health care professionals. Subsequent to this friendly and easy to understand interactive learning session, the course gets into studying and discussing the further course material in detail. Visit Canada Health Net for the further detail of all Courses.