Improving Healthcare in Ontario

Canada Health Net is a group of passionate lean experts and healthcare innovators dedicated to improving healthcare in Ontario. We are the only lean solution training and consulting provider focused exclusively on helping healthcare businesses.

Enhance Patient Care

Eliminate inefficiencies that reduce quality of care delivery and patient safety.

Run Better Businesses

Eliminate inconsistencies and waste that lead to reduced employee morale.

Be Operationally Savvy

Eliminate non-value added activities that inflate costs and cause long wait times.

Why We Were Created

Ontarians get tremendous benefits from our healthcare system. But inefficiencies, inconsistencies and waste in the system can limit the quality of care they receive. This is particularly evident in physician offices or hospital settings, where doctors are caring for complex patient populations and simply don’t have the time or resources to focus on maximizing quality and efficiency of care.

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of Canada Health Net is to make Lean Six Sigma and other innovative tools available to all front line staff in healthcare operations and provide practical experience teaching on best application of Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare. Trainings and coaching are designed to help to see waste that causes patient wait times, bottlenecks in the flow, safety issues and reduced quality of care as well as balancing the work for under resourced and overburdened staff.


Average Profit Increase


Reduce in Wait Times
Julia Novik, MBA, CA, LEAN Green Belt

Founder, Innovation Coach

Julia Novik founded Canada Health Net as an innovator and change management advocate for healthcare system transformation seeing the burning platform for change. Current healthcare system has significant gaps in the ability to meet the growing demands of aging population and rapid increase in chronic disease management.
Julia believes that a drastic change is necessary for the healthcare system to improve the patient care delivery, create efficiencies and improve quality while better managing costs.

She is a strong patient advocate having experienced the challenges of disconnected, fragmented and inefficient care management as a caregiver. As a caregiver, Julia saw first-hand how simple and easy to implement processes can go a long way to improve the timeliness and quality of care delivery.

Julia launched innovative health technologies and developed patient access solutions for Cystic Fibrosis patients in pursuit of improving patient care and providing innovative solutions for better healthcare delivery.

She believes that the answer lies in looking at the system through the eyes of a Patient. Innovator at heart, Julia brings her passion being patient-centric and her focus on collaborative team-building to bring others along to provide workable solutions to complex challenges. Her belief is if every employee in healthcare approaches health delivery through the eyes of a patient, the system would be designed to address and better meet patient needs. This made Julia explore the Lean Toyota Production philosophy by studying lean philosophy and lean application tools to better understand its applicability in Healthcare.

Julia Novik brings with her over 20 years of diverse experience. She has worked across multiple sectors, from healthcare to the financial and consulting industry; She has worked on new product commercialization projects; ERP implementation; business development initiatives as well as lead large teams during project implementation.

A Graduate of Schulich School of Business MBA Program, Julia has Certification as LEAN Green Belt and is qualified as a Leadership Development Coach.

Our Clients

Whether you’re a stand alone outpatient center or a nationwide network of care facilities, we’re here to support your goals and deliver the results you expect.

Who We Serve
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Long Term Care facilities
  • Out-Patient Care Centers
  • Physicians Groups
  • Clinical Research Networks
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Pharmacies

Making an Impact

We have extensive experience providing innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. Healthcare practitioners need expert support to help them to run their practices more efficiently while better managing their costs. Our services focus on improving operational workflows through training, coaching, knowledge sharing and skill transfer of Lean Sigma methodology.

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Dedicated to serve these respected companies, Canada Health Net is serving healthcare professionals in a wide spectrum of arenas.

Canada Health Net

Canada Health Net is a group of passionate lean experts and healthcare innovators dedicated to improving healthcare in Ontario.

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