Thickened Disposable Level 3 Medical Grade Mask – Box of 50

$60.00 $54.99

Level 3

Outside layer: non-woven protective coating

Middle layer: 99 grade

Melt-blown fabric

Minimum 5 boxes

Inner layer: non-woven fabric with skin covering



ASTM Level 3 characteristics

ASTM Level 3 Masks meet the highest performance requirements as defined by ASTM F2100-11.

Bacterial filtration efficiency - ≥98%

Sub-micron particulates filtration efficient at 0.1 micron - ≥98%

Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability) - <5.0

Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, the minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass result - 160 mm Hg

Flame spread - Class 1


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